Terms Of Service

Check-in DOG is specialy designed for dogs grooming professionals. It is the comprehensive management solution for the grooming shop: customers and pets details management, appointments and automatic reminders, billing and innovative marketing tools. Designed to save time and money to the groomers.

More information here: https://checkindog.com/en

Create your free account and benefit from all Check-in DOG's features over the next 7 days.

The pricing for using Check-in DOG after the trial period is :

  • € 29.90 per month if you decide to pay monthly,
  • € 299.00 per year if you decide to pay annualy.

This price covers your data's hosting and backups, updates, further innovations and support.

Emails sent from Check-in DOG are free of charge. SMS, if you decide to use them, are available at € 0.10 per SMS credit.

Our offers are "no time commitment" and the software allows you, anytime, to download all your data in Excel format.

Check-in DOG is a service provided by BlueRock Research & Development.